Monthly Archives: January 2011

Its my birthday…

…and I’ll cry if I want to:)  Well, she cried because her two year old brother came in and saw what a messView full post »


I’ve known Jillyn since grade school and we cheered on the same cheer squad throughout the years.  I’veView full post »

Its Friday!!!

I was finishing up this session and this picture just made me happy, so I had to share it:)  Didn’t this week goView full post »

Sierra’s Party

So Sierra turned 5 the other day, and I can’t believe it! My baby is growing up too quickly. I am so not a partyView full post »

Someone turned 5…

and I’m excited to post some fun pics from her party.View full post »

Its Monday…

…and one of the most depressing months of the year if you ask me.  So, I thought this pic might cheer you up. View full post »


Cute cute family.  It was a bright bright frosty morning when we did these pics.  I thought it was going to be allView full post »

Don’t give up!

Have you already messed up your resolutions?  I have!  I just had to eat those chocolate covered pomegranates while IView full post »


Here’s some more of Livvy.  This was one of the funnest photo shoots because Livvy was hilarious.  Usually one-View full post »