My little Bee

I just love this girl.  How can I not?  She’s got a heart of gold and is a complete angel.  Her birthday is coming up so I thought I’d do a little natural light photo shoot with her at my sisters house for her birthday invitations.  My sister has TONS of natural light flooding her home, which I am very jealous of.  We had tons of fun taking her pictures.  She kept posing and with each click of our cameras she would switch to something different.



She just LOVES this old camera.  Everytime I do a session she’s following me around “shooting” too.  Then she “puts” the pictures on her little toy laptop.


I don’t really have very many pictures of me with my kids.  I’m a bit camera shy actually:)  So I’m so happy my sister took this one for me.


Camille Larsen - These are so sweet! Love the old fashion camera!

laura bunker - Oh my gosh! Brielle is the most photogenic beautiful little girl ever. Those big blues and the blonde curls. Wow. I love the picture of you and Brielle. I can see why Brielle is so beautiful.

Jess Trip - Gawk! What a beauty. I want to have her. She is adorable. Love all of your pictures. Your work makes me happy.

Heather Young - She is freakin cute! Oh my gosh. I love her blond hair and blue eyes. Wow!

Mindy Stephenson - Please take some of my little princess that look exactly like these. I want to borrow the dress and every thing. You are so amazing.

Mandy - Freakin Gorgeous!

Jen Coffard - Love the vintage camera. Love everything about this shoot. I’m a “hooked” blog stalker. I just love looking at your work.

Felicia Night - Oh my amazing. Your so awesome. . . and beautiful too. Nice to see a picture of you on here once in a while.

Aubs - Very cute pictures! I love the pic of you and Brielle. 🙂

cori henderson - Thanks you guys! I appreciate all the comments!

Sarah Rowberry - what a little beauty! love those curls!

Amy - Those pictures need to be blown up huge! She is seriously one of the most striking little girls I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful!!!

jackie - How perfect for you to be a photographer when you have a daughter that gorgeous! She is just precious!!

Stephanie P - So sweet. And good thing you got in front of the camera. You’re beautiful. I’m the same way, though, so I understand. I hate being in FRONT of the camera. My place is behind. Always 😉

teara - These are so cute!! I love the natural light . She is beautiful and definitely gets it from her gorgeous mommy:)

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