As I was putting this blog together this past while I came across these pictures on my hard drive that I took of my girls a couple months ago. I love them! Brielle is such a poser all the time, and that picture of Sierra is SO – – – Sierra. I love her big blue eyes in that pic. I loved them so much I added them to my header. I’m sure I’ll be finding more pictures on there that should have been posted, that weren’t.


Mia - Oh my! What beautiful little girls you have! Their eyes are so pretty.

Camille - Oh yes, these photos are ones you must post! Beautiful eyes = beautiful girls! Love the new blog too! Wow! What an amazing photographer you are. You are definitely up there with the top dogs.

Leah - I love the new blog, and those pictures are gorgeous.

laura - What cute pictures. So glad you posted these. I sure love these girls.

Gae Lyn - Stunning pictures.

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