Meet Moes



Andrea Hallett - oh my goodness, her is sooo cute! I know what you mean about taking care of a pet -just got the kids a bunny and guess who cleans the cage every day? not them!

Nichole - The puppy phase is adorable and horrible at the same time! I’m glad you’re at least getting sleep now!

Laura Bunker - You were baby hungry – so Moes takes care of that. No really he is perfect in every way. He is adorable.

Stephanie P - OMG too cute! Yes, I remember quite clearly the first couple of nights when we got our Cockapoo puppy 5 years ago. I thought to myself, “what did we dooooo!” The crying was brutal. But he’s my love and SUCH a love. Best decision ever!

Tiffany - OMG! Seriously…..he is too cute!

Teara - He’s so cute! and he looks like hes fun to cuddle with:)

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