Jeffrey, Macee, and Jaxton – UTAH CHILDREN PHOTOGRAPHER

These kids are seriously so cute and sweet!  I loved taking their pictures.  Little Jaxton was the adorable little egg in my last post.  So here’s more:


Ben7I love it when newborns are awake and  just looking around like this.  I have to say this has got to be one of my favorite pictures of a newborn ever  – I love the look of wonder on his face .
Ben3Macee was such a little ham, she loved jumping up and down while I took her picture.

laura - I love the one with the Dad holding the baby up. Beautiful. All of them. You always land the best shots. Way to go!

Mia - love it!!!

Teara - Cori, Love them all. Great job.

Leah - Oh my goodness what a darling baby! I love his droopy little cheeks in the picture where he’s up on his hands. That is always one of my favorite poses.

Leah - Not to mention his adorable big brother and sister!!!

camille - Nice! Great job! What darling kiddos!

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