Megan is a trainer here in Texas.  She moved here from the same area in Utah that I’m from at the same time we did.  She’s got an awesome bootcamp coming up and she. is. tough.  Seriously.  I can’t even do one boy push-up (yes I still call it that:), and she was pumping them out while I was taking these pics.  And she is a mommy to two kids.  I really should attend the bootcamp, but I’m a little scared with how out of shape I am right now.  I love her running shoes, I was thinking that maybe if I got a pair of those I would get over the fact that I hate running:)  I’ve never done this kind of shoot before so it was really fun trying something new.

laura bunker - She is one fit Momma! Awesome pictures.

Camille - What a fun shoot! Her boot camp sounds awesome.

Jillyn - What a fun shoot. Good job! And you can totally do the bootcamp. DO IT!!!

Mia - Not fair. Too fit. 😉 Way fun pics.

Tami - What fun pictures! They are always so sharp you do such a great job!

Lore - Whew… I am tired just looking at the pictures of HER working out! Beautiful pictures.

Allison - What a fun shoot! These look great. I still call them boy push-ups too 🙂

brooke - OH yes! These are fab-u-lous.. what a fun sort of shoot Cori. She looks awesome and hardly winded.. and her shoes, yes please!

Teara - What a great idea! I love the shoes. Great pics:)

Audrey Litfin - How fun, I love the pink to really make her pop in these shots!

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