The kids had tons of fun searching for ladybugs since the field was full of them.  I don’t know how long we’ll be in Texas, so I’m glad I found the bluebonnett’s in spite of the lack of rain since they are the Texas trademark.  I’m still getting used to the fact that its been over 90 degrees and very humid here and its only the beginning of April.  I’m trying to decide if I would rather be in the blizzards they’re having in Utah, or sweating to death here:)

Nichole - I’m in love!

Tracy - Beautiful!! Love it.

Jen Taylor - Fabulous. You are the most amazing photographer in the entire state of Texas. Just awesome.

Laura Bunker - I love these Cori! Your girls are adorable. The scenery is to die for. Love all!

Cecilia - Your girls should be models or something. They are so cute. I love their big blue sparkling eyes. All of these are breathtaking.

Sophie Smith - Um, freak. . . . I’m speechless. So beautiful.

Tami - SO beautiful!

Anne Elisabeth - Ahh so magical Cori! Your girls are so sweet!

Melynda Bruner - These are beautiful Cori! The second to last set is my favorite…I LOVE the one with her hand over her mouth 🙂 Too cute. Beautiful fields. I am dying to live in a place with fields. We have the heat (not the humidity though 🙂 like you, living in Vegas, but we have the BROWN and nothing else! We only have 2 more years here and then we are hopefully off to the midwest to gorgeous greenland 🙂 haha… sorry about the 90 degree weather. I am DREADING it so much, but the humidity has got to make it that much worse. Your images are gorgeous as always. Hope you are doing well. Oh and your daughters are just so dang adorable.

Jillyn - I love these. They are beautiful!

jessica - You are so talented!!!! Love these so much.

Torie - BEAUTIFUL… They are breathtaking Cor.
Love them.

I would rather be in the 90 degree weather 🙂
I don’t know how much more I can take this crazy Utah weather. It was so cold over the weekend.

Teara - BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are so amazing - What a beautiful post! The second one down with your girls hugging, and the 3rd from the last of your daughter with your hands on her knees are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Stephanie - lovely!

Allison - Dreamy Pictures Cori 🙂

Mia - So gorgeous!! I agree, totally dreamy and whimsical!!

SHARON - I just love looking at your pictures. The girls are so cute and we miss all of you so much. Aggie is a cute addition to the family…extreme cuteness for sure!!!

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