Summer Fun!!!

I’ll admit it.  I was DREADING this summer.  We weren’t even going to be in our home, but an apartment, with no yard.  And I knew it was going to be blistering hot, just like last summer because it already was by April.  And I knew it was just going to drag on and on and on because we’d be stuck inside.  But!   It has been SO much fun!  It helps to have fun friends that live nearby that I normally wouldn’t be able to see, since Texas is such a big state.  The girls and I have definitely taken the words “Summer Vacation” to heart.  We have been playing hard and doing tons of fun things, and…June is flying by!!!  Pretty soon we’ll take our trip up to Utah at the beginning of August and stay there till school starts.  Yep, a very fun summer indeed!:)  Although it has pretty much been summer weather since April, today is the summer solstice.  So… here’s to summer!

Teara - Your right it does make me want to come ! It seriously looks so fun and the girls couldn’t look any cuter:)

Laura Bunker - I want to go! That looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures by the way.

colibriphoto - Wow CORI! These are sooooo NICE!!! I love the montage, it’s beautiful and makes me want to have a vacation! Beautifully done!

Camille - So glad you are having a fun summer! Looks magical and fun!

Nichole - I may have already said this before, but I envy your girls and all the beautiful pictures they will have of themselves as kids. These are so awesome!

jen gagliardi - cute girls and such sweet pics!

Jolynne - These pics are beautiful! Your girls are so cute and sweet! I love the tender moments you capture of them.

Anne Elisabeth - Such fun photos!

Sarah Severson - Gorgeous pictures!!

s h e r r y - 🙂 That second photo (that is also your header?) is PRECIOUS. Wowee.

Jillyn - I love how sweet your girls are with each other. And that looks so fun! Love all the pics!!!

Kara May - Love this post! Summer will be great – I love your attitude ;-). These pictures are fantastic…. now I wanna go to the beach 😉 I’ll have to settle for the lake. Have a great rest of the summer and keep posting.

Torie - Cor- Beautiful as always. Love your pictures and love your cute girls. They are getting so big.

SHARON - These picture are awesome – the girls look so cute in their new swimsuits and are having such a good time – wish we were at the beach!!

brooke - These are to die for Cori!! How precious and the post below?! SIGHHHH…..

Audrey Litfin - These captures are all so so cute, love every last stinkin’ one. 🙂

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