Utah Children Photographer {Fall Fun}

Just wanted to post some pics of our annual outing to Gardner Village.



My cute little nephew Corbin.  He was so funny!  You ask him to look at you and he pulls this forced cheese.  I love it cause its so him!

Leah - Those pictures are so cute! I love Gardner Village too!

Emily - Those pictures are adorable and I love what the girls are wearing.

Teara - So cute. I love Gardner village

Laura - I just love the colors in these pictures. These are terrific!!! Love them.

Aubrey Henderson - I love those pictures Cori!! The girls look so cute!

gina - wow! i absolutely love your work! thanks for visiting me, now I am hooked on your blog and your work. thanks for sharing your talent!

Teara - Corbin is so funny. He’ s a total ham for the camera.

camille - Your girls look adorable as always! Love the autumn colors! Corbin is a such a cute little boy too! Camiah’s been asking to play with him. I told her she has to get over the swine flu first. Fa sure!

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