Another precious baby boy. Isaac was such a tiny little thing.  Most of my hats were almost too big for him, and he made my bowl look so big! (which its not).  We couldn’t get him to open his eyes for any pictures, he was just way too sleepy.

I am loving photographing all these newborns lately.  They’re just so sweet.

He cracked his eye open for a second, then went back to sleep:)

Teara - Oh my gosh he is so adorable!! He’s so tiny. Great job Cori 🙂

Holly - LOVE these Cori!!! Sooo amazing!!

Laura Bunker - Breathtaking. What a gorgeous little peanut he is.

Kelly - Thank you for doing such an AMAZING job capturing the sweetness of our little baby. You were so gentle, tender, and patient during the session, Cori! These are priceless works of art that we’ll cherish forever.

Kelly - By the way, you did a terrific job styling Isaac’s hair on the spiked up faux hawk shot!

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