This family is just awesome!:)  Reese was such a little doll.  So happy and smiley.  I could tell she was teething because she really wanted her fingers in her mouth:)  And look at that adorable dimple on her chin!  Soooo cute!
She did not want to keep her swim cap on:)

Laura Bunker - She is so stinkin cute. I love the pink and blue hat.

Anne Elisabeth - Super Cute!!

Teara - She is an absolute doll!

arlene - Darling pictures of the most precious girl! You captured her sweet personality SO well. Cutest family ever!

Jen Stafford - Oh that little face (especially in the one with the swim cap on!) Love these! 🙂

Erin Fonnesbeck - I am in LOVE with these!!!!

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