I have known Loralee my entire life.  We grew up right next to each other, our families would call us “the twins”.  We got married a week apart, and we had our second child (both girls) a month apart and we named them same name (on accident!)   We both have a Sierra.  Loralee had picked it out long before I did, and she was living in Georgia at the time so I had no idea when I was in the hospital trying to decide on a name that she was planning on naming her daughter Sierra.  We’re definitely still alike:)  Kind of funny how that happened.

So it was so much fun to take her little Elise’s pictures.  I can’t believe this is number four for her!!!  Loralee does not look like she has had four children!





I will post more of Elise later if I have the energy:)  I don’t know what it is with this time of year but I have a hard time keeping my eyes open day or night.  I’m definitely ready for my long winters nap.

Jess Trip - Wowzer! What a beautiful baby and the pictures are magnifico! It makes my day every time I come to your blog. Your pictures just make me happy.

laura bunker - Awesome job Cori. It’s so fun to see Loralee’s cute little princess.

Camille Larsen - These are just precious! You got some great ones Cori! Her lil’ doll looks just like a Smith. So cute!

Teara - Darling!! Great job Cori

Nichole - I love seeing the babies of people I know. Beautiful baby!

Lindsey - What a little darling!

Torie - She is such a pretty baby. Beautiful job Cor.

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