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Such a fun session. I was loving the location, and Natalie is so gorgeous!  I can’t wait to meet her baby boy in August!!!


So many adorable baby boys lately!

Teara - What a little sweetie! I love these:)

Laura Bunker - I love these. What a sweet little guy. Your newborn shots are the best!

Ida - Hi! I absolutly adore your newborn pictures. I’m thinking of starting a business of my own here in Sweden so now I wonder where you are buying your head accessories? Can you find them online? :) I hope you want to answer my question :)

Mickisha - Beautiful!

Dianne Smith - These pictures are so very beautiful! I just can’t believe what an artist you are! My little grandson is so beautiful and perfect! What a blessing to have him here on earth!

Cori Henderson - Ida, I get most of them on etsy:)

Stephanie T - Beautiful :) I love all the colors and the prints and the beautiful simplicity of that last one…. beautiful!!!

Tayslee & Lola

These girls are so sweet, and always so well dressed. When Jolynne showed up with a suitcase full of clothes I was so excited! I wish we could have used them all:)

I LOVE her serious face.  So cute.

Jolynne - Oh my these are to die for! Thank you sooo much!

Laura Bunker - I love her big blue eyes, what adorable little girls!

Teara - Love these! Such cute little girls:)

Jen Stafford - Cori, these are so cute! You really captured some sweet expressions from both of these little ladies!

brooke - Adorable! I love these so much. How special :) These girls are beautiful and I want to know where all these clothes are from!!


This family is just awesome!:)  Reese was such a little doll.  So happy and smiley.  I could tell she was teething because she really wanted her fingers in her mouth:)  And look at that adorable dimple on her chin!  Soooo cute!
She did not want to keep her swim cap on:)

Laura Bunker - She is so stinkin cute. I love the pink and blue hat.

Anne Elisabeth - Super Cute!!

Teara - She is an absolute doll!

arlene - Darling pictures of the most precious girl! You captured her sweet personality SO well. Cutest family ever!

Jen Stafford - Oh that little face (especially in the one with the swim cap on!) Love these! :)

Erin Fonnesbeck - I am in LOVE with these!!!!


Laura Bunker - Absolutely gorgeous little girl. I love her dress with the background. Love these Cori.

Kristen - Ahh you never disappoint Cori! LOVE them all, so sweet. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Brynna Horrocks - Cori, you are so talented, I love them all!

Jen Stafford - Cori, these are awesome! I love the locations, and the one of her cute little nosed all scrunched up… and the black and white one… I can’t even pick a favorite! I love them all. :)

Jolynne - These pictures are so sweet! Love them all!

Tracy - Kids really are your forte! You always do such great children’s portraits! Love the third from the end, and the processing. Lovely.

Raili - I am loving these! Her freckles are adorable. Great job!

Teara - Just gorgeous! I love all of the locations. She is just beautiful:) You always do such a great job!!


 This sweet baby girl was two weeks old when she came in.  She was still soooo sleepy and fun to play with:)

Big yawn:)This gorgeous wrap is from Miss Lene’s.

Laura Bunker - What a stunning little poser. She is gorgeous. All of these are so beautiful.

Teara - She’s so precious! I love those headbands and that blanket in the last one. So soft and sweet for a newborn:)

Kelly - What a cutie! These turned out so nicely, Cori!


Another precious baby boy. Isaac was such a tiny little thing.  Most of my hats were almost too big for him, and he made my bowl look so big! (which its not).  We couldn’t get him to open his eyes for any pictures, he was just way too sleepy.

I am loving photographing all these newborns lately.  They’re just so sweet.

He cracked his eye open for a second, then went back to sleep:)

Teara - Oh my gosh he is so adorable!! He’s so tiny. Great job Cori :)

Holly - LOVE these Cori!!! Sooo amazing!!

Laura Bunker - Breathtaking. What a gorgeous little peanut he is.

Kelly - Thank you for doing such an AMAZING job capturing the sweetness of our little baby. You were so gentle, tender, and patient during the session, Cori! These are priceless works of art that we’ll cherish forever.

Kelly - By the way, you did a terrific job styling Isaac’s hair on the spiked up faux hawk shot!