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Lola turns 1!

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now.  She was just too funny with her cake, loving every second of it:)



Jolynne - I Love all of these! I still can’t get over how she hugged the cake! So adorable!

Laura Bunker - Love, Love, Love. . . . what a cutie pie!

Teara - What a cutie pie!


Brandi is absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to meet her baby girl soon!!!

Laura Bunker - Gorgeous Mommy! She looks great!

Krisann Stegall - Stunning!!! Absolutely beautiful! Nice photography with an excellent model! (From one very proud aunt.)

April - Be a utiful! As always

Janna Ramsey - Absolutely beautiful!!

Pam Emerson - Brandi these are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the baby I know she will be beautiful too! Love ya!

Sam - Love these! My niece is beautiful!! Love you!

Kim Wicks - Absolutely beautiful and I know Lydia will be beautiful just like her mommy!!! Love, your mom!!

Janet Joyner - Awesome. You look like a model! So happy for you.

Terr Priddy - Gorgeos pics! I know you will be a wonderful mom!!!


My Brielle got baptized.  We are so proud of her, she’s the sweetest little girl ever!

Tami - What an angel she is! I love these cori! I am going to need a sunflower field just like that. Just gorgeous!!

Melynda Bruner - These are gorgeous Cori! I LOVE the second one down! My most favorite! I hope you blow some of these up. She is such a beautiful girl.

Jolynne - She is the sweetest girl ever and beatuiful! Love all these pictures!

Laura Bunker - Absolutely Beautiful! She is such a beautiful girl both inside and out.

Teara - You captured her just perfectly! She is one of the sweetest girls I know:)

Camille Larsen - I am so happy that Brielle and Camiah were able to be baptized together and that you were able to come to Utah and make it happen! I know those two will always remember that special day! Brielle looks absolutely gorgeous in her special baptism pictures!

Jillyn - Love, love, LOVE! She is adorable. What a special day for you guys. She will love having these pics someday. What lens did you use for these???

Cori Henderson - Jillyn, most of these were shot with the 70-200mm 2.8 lens.

Sharon - These pictures are adorable!! Brielle is so beautiful!!

Avery and Emmet

These guys are so cute! I loved photographing them. I was worried Avery wasn’t going to have anything to do with me at first, but she pulled through after some coaxing (suckers, toys snacks…:)  And thanks again to my sister Laura for letting me use your studio while in Utah!!!

Laura Bunker - Gorgeous Cori! What adorable little munchkins.

Teara - Such beautiful kids! Love their names too:)

Sarah - Words cannot describe how much I am in love with these!! You are amazing!! Thank you so much for squeezing us into your Utah Vacation!


Such a sweet adorable baby.  I’m glad everything worked out Raili so that I could be the one to do his pictures!  And thanks to my sister Laura Bunker for letting me crash your studio while I was in Utah!

Teara - What an adorable baby boy! Great job Cori.:)

Raili - Thank you so much! I’m so glad he came early so you could take his pictures. That all I wanted 🙂 thank you!

Laura Bunker - What a cute little baby boy! I love him. You are such a good baby photographer.


Such a fun session. I was loving the location, and Natalie is so gorgeous!  I can’t wait to meet her baby boy in August!!!


So many adorable baby boys lately!

Teara - What a little sweetie! I love these:)

Laura Bunker - I love these. What a sweet little guy. Your newborn shots are the best!

Ida - Hi! I absolutly adore your newborn pictures. I’m thinking of starting a business of my own here in Sweden so now I wonder where you are buying your head accessories? Can you find them online? 🙂 I hope you want to answer my question 🙂

Mickisha - Beautiful!

Dianne Smith - These pictures are so very beautiful! I just can’t believe what an artist you are! My little grandson is so beautiful and perfect! What a blessing to have him here on earth!

Cori Henderson - Ida, I get most of them on etsy:)

Stephanie T - Beautiful 🙂 I love all the colors and the prints and the beautiful simplicity of that last one…. beautiful!!!