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A couple of adorable boys. Christian was so squishy! I can’t even express how much I love capturing newborns.

~Carolyn Beth - Cori,
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these pictures! You are an amazing photographer! These are priceless and I will cherish them forever. I can’t wait to have you move to Houston and do more pictures for me. You are my new photographer :)
Thanks again so very much!

Teara - Both boys are so adorable! Every single picture is just perfect.:)

Laura Bunker - I just loved this session. You are amazing with babies! These are adorable little boys and I’m sure their parents will love these forever.

Ida - Hi, I’m a big fan of yours and I think it would be fun to know if you use natural light or flash light in your newborn pictures? :)

Cori Henderson - Ida, I’ve used both natural light and a softbox, but on this particular newborn I used my softbox.

Raili - I LOVE these!!! Where did you get that owl hat? I wish you lived in Utah! You better make some time for me next time you come.. After June :) Why couldn’t I be due in JUNE!!!


This beautiful baby did not want to sleep for me:) It took her about two hours to finally fall into a deep sleep.  But I love the awake shots we got, amazing eye contact!  I love newborns!!!  They are so precious:)

Laura Bunker - Oh. my. gosh. What an absolutely beautiful little baby girl. You did such a great job. Love these images.

Teara - I cant decide which one I love the most. You got such precious shots:) Love the new headbands too:)

Torie - Cor- amazing as always… Hope you are good- it’s been a while. Love ya…

Jillyn - Ahhhh… So sweet. I love.

Sharon - These pictures are adorable!!

Kara May - Oh wow, these are precious Cori! Fantastic session.

Mickisha - The baby and the pictures are beautiful! Hope you are doing good!

Lynette Loveridge - What a beautiful baby! I love all of the photos…especially the ones in one of my hats…so sweet! We need to get more hats to you :)



Such an adorable family, these boys just melt my heart.  I photographed Remmy back in the summer when he was a newborn.  Its so fun to see these little guys grow up.  Little Remmy is having heart surgery next week.  His heart is too big.  He will be in our thoughts and prayers!!!  

Justin - So cute! Amazing job!

laura bunker - Oh my, I love the light. What a beautiful family. Gorgeous capture for sure.

Teara - Cori you got the most amazing shots of this cute family! I hope all goes well with his surgery. They are all just adorable!

Teara - I forgot to tell you I love your websites new look!

Anne Elisabeth - Such a sweet lovely little family! Great shots , can imagine they are really happy with it!

Anne - I have my own PR firm and have been the editor of a magazine and looked at thousands of photos of people, places and things over my career and I can say from a professional perspective that you are truly an amazing and gifted photographer!!!

Connie - I watched the Mommy in these photos grow up and cannot believe how well you captured her beauty and the magnificence of her family. Fabulous work!!!
We will keep Remy in our prayers as he goes into surgery.

Camille - What a cute little family! Hope the surgery goes well for this cute little guy!

Sheila Drage - What precious pictures, beautiful family, I am praying for a succesful surgery. Much love.

Lina - Beautiful captures, all those happy faces! Great work!

Jen Stafford - Aw, I love these, Cori! They are so sweet.

Stephanie T - I am truly in love with these images, these are the type of pictures I want for my family pictures. Truly beautiful, what sweet beautiful boys!


Its been so long since I’ve posted a newborn. Isn’t he so precious?

laura bunker - So cute! love his cute little mouth.

Megan - Cutest baby-of-the-year award! Between every shot did you just squeeze his cheeks? Cause that’s what I want to do right now.

Jillyn - Adorable Cori! Your amazing…

Melanie - Ok…so I clicked over from FB because…well I’m baby hungry and couldn’t get enough of those little rolls! Got a huge smile on my face to see the hat! Love the black and white! You are so talented!

Misty - These are beautiful Cori! I love the ones with the chair! And he is just the squishiest little guy! Just perfect!!

Camille - These are adorable! What a treasure this will be for the baby and his family! I love the chair and your new background!!

Teara - Ahhh Ive missed seeing your newborn shots! Hes so adorable and as always you got perfect shots:)

Nate - Cori, these are SO perfect. Your talent is amazing!!

Kelly - Absolutely gorgeous photos and Austin is simply precious.

Jen Stafford - Aw, Cori, these are beautiful.


My baby turned 6 this last week.  I can’t even believe it.  We just love her spunky little personality:)

Leilani - You really do take some stunning pictures! The ones in the white chair could easily be in a children’s clothing catalogue! Beautiful girl too! Happy Birthday Sierra!

Jillyn - Cute little fish tail braid… I can’t believe she is SIX!

laura bunker - She is beautiful! I just love these images. Maybe it’s her styling hair. Wowzer.

Camille - You captured all her little expressions so perfectly! I love every last image! Laura is right, the hair is darling. I just can’t believe your baby is six! (sniff)

Teara - She looks so grown up:) love her little personality!

Jen Stafford - What a cutie! Looks like you totally captured her personality in these images. She’s adorable. Happy Birthday to her!


This is Chance. He’s my newest nephew. He is so adorable!!!  He’s always such a happy little guy. When Chance was 8 days old he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. If you don’t know what Cystic Fibrosis is then you can read about it here.  To summarize its a chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.  Life expectancy does not go beyond age 40.  In the 1950’s children with Cystic Fibrosis didn’t live to attend kindergarten.  Thank goodness for modern medicine.  Our hope is that as Chance grows up, medicine will advance enough to cure the disease altogether.

I wish I would have had time to do a whole photo session with Chance while I was in Utah.  Even though a lot of the time he doesn’t feel good, he has such a happy smiley attitude.

Camille - Oh I love Chance! So cute!

Nicole Nelson - Still so in love with all of your work!!! :)

laura bunker - What a cutie! Love that boy.

Teara - He is such an adorable little guy!