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I’m back

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I have been in Utah for a couple weeks so I have not spent any time updating the blog:)

We had so much fun up North with friends and family over Christmas.  Thought I would share a few pics with ya’all.

Nichole Walker - Such beautiful pictures. Brielle is looking so grown up.

laura bunker - Love all the pictures. We miss you guys already!

Melanie - Cori! I LOVE all of these pictures. Looks like you had so much fun here in Utah! Your daughters are so beautiful 🙂

Jen Stafford - Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas.

Teara - Great shots Cori! Wish you were still here:)

Camille - This is just precious! What a fantastic recap! Lots of memories were made this past season!

Kara May - These images are so beautiful Cori! Stunning first image and tree shots. Great post!

Family Album

A while ago I was reading this blog post.   I realized that I was one of those people who print just a few pictures to hang on the walls (we all have only so much wall space), but the rest of them just stay on my hard drive.  After reading that post I realized how silly that was.  What’s the point in having those pictures if you’re just storing them?  So I decided to make a book specifically for this year.  I just received mine and when I first opened the box and started looking through it I got emotional.  I’m so happy I have this!  Worth every penny.

They make amazing Christmas gifts as well!!!  I made one for last year while I was at it, but I haven’t had it printed yet (that’s on my to do list once I get moved).  I printed it at blurb.com and I am very happy with the quality.  It is an 11X13 landscape format.

laura bunker - Can’t wait to see this in person. Beautiful. What a great idea for your images.

Melanie R - Beautiful! and I so agree I too have run out of wall space! I loved my book I had done at Adoramapix.com It is a bit more but is photo quality pages, loved it!

camille - Oh I am so excited to see it too! What a keepsake!

Teara - I absolutely love this Cori! I need to do this:) Cant wait to look all the way through it

Jen Stafford - Oh, that is AWESOME! I really need to do this. It looks amazing. 🙂

Anne Elisabeth - What a great book! And of course you know I love the photos in it 🙂


I had so much fun shooting this session.  This is Emily’s family of Emme B Photography.  Its always nerve racking to shoot another photographers family pictures.  These kids are so well behaved! I shot this entire session with my 70-200mm lens.  Its been a while since I used it, and I fell in love with it all over again.

laura bunker - Beautiful family! Love the location! Awesome.

Megan - Emily, you must LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror. And congratulations on having well-behaved kids! That’s a good contrast for Cori…Martins to Brenners. Nice.

Jen Stafford - These are just gorgeous! The light is absolute perfection. I would have these all printed gigantic and hanging all over my house. I love them all.

Jillyn - Such beautiful pictures Cori.

Tami - Such sweet pictures and GORGEOUS edits! Love them!!

em - Love them! Love your edits! Thanks, Cori!

Camille - Love the light, edits, location, composite… everything! These are just beautiful!

Teara - I just love the locations you’ve been shooting at! Way cute family:)


Such a cute family!  Its kind of starting to look like fall here in Texas!  I think maybe one tree has changed colors so far:)

laura bunker - These are absolutely beautiful. I love the pond and the settings. What a gorgeous family.

Lauren - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Valerie - Very nice Cori again! Wow! Is it truly just starting to look like fall where you are? It’s WINTER over here!!! Pfffff! Nice images! 🙂

Sarah S - what a great location!! beautiful pictures.

Jillyn - I love the face on the little boy in the last shot. Very pretty my dear.

Jillyn - P.S. I’m in love with your dress in your family pics. Where oh where did you find such a beaut???

teara - I love the pond. Great candid family shots! I love the one of the boys “battling” so cute!

pierre - great session !!

Camille - What a darling family and beautiful setting! Gorgeous!

Jen Stafford - Lovely location, and beautiful little family. Great job! These are just so fun.


Its been a long time since we had our family pictures done.  I was putting together a book of our family this year and realized that there were hardly any pictures of me on my hard drive.  Maybe one for the whole year.  So I decided that it couldn’t wait.  As much as I hate to be in front of the camera I knew I would regret it in the future if I didn’t get some pictures of me with my family.  Thanks to Emme B Photography for photographing us!!!  She did such a good job!

Megan - SO beautiful!!

KELLY - Sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL Cori!!!! I love these so much!

Camille - I love them all Cori! Beautiful!

Mary Haymond - You are such a beautiful family!

Misty - You have a beautiful family, these are gorgeous!

Sarah S - Gorgeous Cori!!

Tami - Oh my gosh Cori these are absolutely gorgeous! You are so freaking hot friend! Love them!!!

laura bunker - You guys are all so cute. I love them. Your family is beautiful!

Jolynne - Love.every.single.one!

Torie - You are beautiful. Love your cute little family.

teara - I didnt realize there was some I missed seeing:) You look beautiful! I love all of them.

Jen Stafford - Aw, your family is darling! I love these fun images 🙂 So, so cute!!


Teara - Love,Love, Love! Great location and I love what they’re wearing.

Laura Bunker - This is a seriously gorgeous family. I love the sock shot.

the mom - I can’t stop looking that them! They are so beautiful! After being a part of that shoot, I am in awe. I went home thinking, “We aren’t going to have a single one…the boys were so crazy!” I LOVE THEM!!!

Jen Tayhlor - Gorgeous family and images. Cori, I just die when I see what you can capture. Love your work so much. Mua!

Jillyn Egan - I love how natural your pictures are. And that sock shot…so cute!

Valerie - Love these Cori! And your new treatment! Superbe!

Melynda Bruner - Love these too girl! The family ones are perfect 🙂

Chelsea - What beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

em - megan is a BABE!

Camille - I love the lifestyle look of these images! THey will surely treasure them forever! Amazing!