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Laura Bunker - They are so adorable! Love them.

mia - Very nice! I want twins just for the pictures :) Is that bad? Ha ha

Jillyn Egan - I am loving all that you did. I hope there is more :)

Nichole - Precious!

Teara - So sweet!!

Jen Stafford - Your work with babies is awesome! These are great :)

Jen Stafford - Your work with babies is awesome! I just love these :)

Jolynne - Love this photo shoot! I want twins!


Cutest couple, expecting their first baby girl.  She’s already here so I can’t wait to get my hands on her:)

Camille - What a cute preggy! Great job!

mia - Love it, great shoot! I haven’t been on your blog forever and am loving all of your latest stuff!!!! I need some shoes like hers :)

Laura Bunker - Look at her cute little belly. I love these. Can’t wait to see the baby.

Teara - Great shots! I love this location:)


I love images of mothers with their children.

Heather Elizabeth - I love all of these. I would love to have pictures like this w/ my babies. Beautiful!

Brynna Horrocks - I have been anticipating this post. That IS juicy lighting isn’t it? I think they are just precious. I love how candid and casual they are. Good job.

Jolynne - I love it! I love the new blog look too! Beautiful Pics!

Camille - I love mother shots! Great job!

Junie S Bruson - Wow, Cori your work never ceases to amaze me.

Laura Bunker - What a beautiful Mom. . . love her and the kids.

Lina - Such sweet captures, beautiful!

Teara - Mommy shots are the best! I love the yellow and white.


Lucy’s mom put everything together. She’s did such a good job! I wish I could have her come and style every shoot. These images are edited different than usual, because she requested a more vintage look.

Laura Bunker - Love the vintage tea party theme. How amazing. The props, the baby, the photographer, – perfect.

Junie S Bruson - What a cutie pie!

Jillyn Egan - LOVE!

Brynna Horrocks - Oh Cori, you never disappoint! I am in love. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!

Tami - Darling little girl! I love how she set it up, so cute!

Anne Elisabeth - Sweet photo session!

Kristen McClellan - WOW! Love them. The family ones turned out beautiful. The Tea Party…amazing!! Lucy is the cutest baby ever, Cori’s talent is unmatched.

Kristen McClellan - WOW…Love them! The family ones turned out beautiful. The Tea Party…Amazing! Lucy is the cutest baby ever, Cori’s talent is unmatched.

Teara - I love these! Everything looks so cute. Great job as always:)

Lina - WOW, those are incredible! Parents must be over the moon, great great work!


Laura Bunker - I love this family. I remember when you posted these guys last year. They are beautiful people. . . . that’s for sure.

Kristen McClellan - Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!! Love you too…you are amazing!

Jillyn - I recognize these people… Great job Cori!

Torie - Such a beautiful family. You are amazing.

I hope your trip to Utah was fun and the girls liked swimming lessons :) I was hoping I would run into you like last year.
Love ya…

Junie S Bruson - Beautiful pictures. I love your work!

Brynna Horrocks - I love the apples, what a cute prop they turned out to be. Great job!

Teara - Beautiful family! I love the location and the colors. Perfect!!