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A few more fave’s

Sorry for the lack of posting.  We’ve got a lot going on.  We’re going to be moving AGAIN within the next couple months.  Yes I know this has got to be some kind of record.  3 times within a year and a half.  I’m normally a planner so this has been hard for me because we don’t have a set location yet.  Meaning we haven’t even started looking at houses because we’re still making some decisions.    We’re 99.9% sure it will be Houston, but the question is the North part or South the part.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have a straight answer this weekend so I can start getting things in order.

Anyway, here are some more images of the lovely Whitney, since there were so many gorgeous ones from her session that I have to post.

Nichole - Wow! More moving?! Love these pictures!

Laura Bunker - Oh, I’m glad you posted more. These are breathtaking. I love her eyes in the blue dress. My favorite is the one where she is laying down. I love the light.

mia - I love pics with kids and their pups! So endearing!! Don’t move further away!!!! You’re going the wrong direction!

Jen Stafford - Wow. These are so gorgeous. The light is beautiful, and the images are just dreamy! What a beauty, too :)

Teara - You seriously got the best shots! Love all of them:)

Lina - Gorgeous! I am always in awe with your captures, emotions in images, and flawless color. Stunning!


Isn’t she beautiful?  I had so much fun shooting these.  Her eyes are so gorgeous and she is such a natural in front of the camera.

Laura Bunker - What an absolutely gorgeous shoot. She is beautiful. Love these.

Jen Taylor - How amazingly beautiful. Love it.

Valérie - Beautiful Cori! I love those! Especially your yellow tones! Well done again friend 😉

teara - She is just beautiful!! I love everything about these:)

Brooke Ashley Photography - Cori, these are GORGEOUS. I love the simplicity and beauty of it all. She is stunning and you did a beautiful job!

Camille - These are darling! Great job!

Jillyn Egan - Oh my beautiful! Love…

Sarah Severson - gorgeous!!

Goodbye Summer

Friday marks the end of summer, but I doubt it will feel like it here in Texas.  My car is still registering triple digit numbers so it still feels very much like summer to me:)

For everyone waiting on their pictures: I am getting ready to send them off!!!  Thanks for being so patient!!!

This is Brinley and Princess Buttercup:)  An adorable and willing subject along with a cute puppy (I’m partial to shih tzu’s:) made this shoot fun for me!!!

Tami - These are gorgeous!! You should enter them in i heart faces contest this week “a touch of sun” You would win for sure!! Love them!!

kelly christensen - I am in LOVE with these!!!! Thank you sooooo much! Your talent is priceless!

Laura Bunker - What a beautiful little subject (I mean both of them) That is the cutest puppy. Plus, that little girl has such gorgeous deep brown eyes.

Jen Stafford - What cute little models! These are adorable 😉

Lina - oh, those are wonderful! Such a sweet princess, love the captures!

Teara - Such sweet pictures! I love the location to.

Liz - These are so darling! I love that she has her cute little dog in the pictures. She is a beautiful little girl.


Just the sweetest adorable baby girl, and very loved.  Reese’s grandma came along to be in some pics and help out and Brielle just LOVED her.  And Reese…well, she just did what baby girls do – made me very baby hungry:)


Jillyn Egan - Love all of them. Your pretty amazing!

Laura Bunker - My favorites are the one with her smiling and also the ones where she is laying on the pink shag blanket with her eyes open. Her expression is oh so precious. I’m sure her Mom will love this capture.

Misty - I love the last one cori! They are all beautiful!!

Camille - Awww, so sweet. She has a smile on her face in one of them. They are all just adorable!

Teara - Every single one of these are just adorable! I love the one of mom kissing her! She needs to blow that one up:)

Jen Stafford - These are so precious! Seriously, beautiful work. I love the ones with Mom. I wish I had some like that with my babies!

Jen Stafford - These are so precious! I love the ones with Mom. I wish I had some like these with my babies.

Liz - Cori you are simply AMAZING!! You did such a fantastic job!! Thank you so much for capturing such a sweet, special time in our lives. They turned out AMAZING!! I love them all!!

Laura Bunker - I absolutely LOVE your new logo! Awesome.

Teara - You added more! I love it when you do that:) I love the one with Grandma so sweet. Ditto Laura I love it to!


Jolynne - Love all these pics, they are beautiful! I love the colors too!

Laura Bunker - Beautiful! I love that location too. . . . I think it’s my favorite now. I also love what the girls are wearing.

Teara - I love the colors! Great location to:)

Jen Stafford - What a beautiful family. Fantastic images :)

Jolynne - i love the color combo! My fav colors…What great pictures!


Laura Bunker - They are so adorable! Love them.

mia - Very nice! I want twins just for the pictures :) Is that bad? Ha ha

Jillyn Egan - I am loving all that you did. I hope there is more :)

Nichole - Precious!

Teara - So sweet!!

Jen Stafford - Your work with babies is awesome! These are great :)

Jen Stafford - Your work with babies is awesome! I just love these :)

Jolynne - Love this photo shoot! I want twins!