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In less than two weeks we’re heading to Utah.  We’re all very excited, although I doubt Aggy will enjoy the plane ride.  We’re also very excited to get back home once the Utah trip is over.  We haven’t really been there since May so we’re definitely going to be ready for some normalcy again.

Teara - Can’t wait to see you guys! Cute picture of Aggie:)

Laura Bunker - What a sweet little imp. Can’t wait to meet her soon.

Remmy & Hudson

These little boys are just too adorable!!!

stephanie T - I am so in love with these :) Completely stunning! That first on would be huge on my wall if I were mom!

Laura Bunker - Oh my gosh I could drown in those big brown eyes! Plus the little wrinkles on the newborns forehead is adorable. What a cutie!

Jen Taylor - Adorable! I swear you are the best photographer in Utah and Texas! Can I just say I am a HUGE fan.

Teara - Perfect as always!:) And I love the chair. Both boys are so cute.

Proud father - I know my boys are cute, but you made them look even better! Thank you!

Kristina Poling - I love these pics! I am so jealous I never got newborn pics of either of my children. I can’t wait to get Lyla and Cole done!


Happy Friday.  Yep, its summer so I’m gonna be posting plenty of pics of the kiddos:)

This is just an example of what we do everyday when its blazing hot outside, or it kind of looks like Brielle is practicing putting up force fields:)

Leilani - WOW! This is the coolest shot ever! Love love love it!

Leilani - I love this series! They are SO CUTE! I hope you print some because they are such fun images! I also love the B&W of Brielle!

Valerie - Absolutely HOT! Love them all!!!

Valeri - I love these. Your work never ceases to amaze me. I would love to meet and shoot with you some day.

Laura Bunker - That looks like so much fun. Your girls are adorable.

Sarah Brown - I LOVE all your summer pictures! Your pictures are beautiful and your girls look a-dorable!

Jen Stafford - Looks like they are having the time of their lives! Fun, fun, fun!!

Torie - Love the first photo. That is so cool.
Your girls are to cute.

Teara - I love that first one! Way cute pictures of way cute girls:)

brooke - These are SO awesome Cori! You make everything so fun and fabulous. You seem like such a wonderful momma too :)

Summer Fun!!!

I’ll admit it.  I was DREADING this summer.  We weren’t even going to be in our home, but an apartment, with no yard.  And I knew it was going to be blistering hot, just like last summer because it already was by April.  And I knew it was just going to drag on and on and on because we’d be stuck inside.  But!   It has been SO much fun!  It helps to have fun friends that live nearby that I normally wouldn’t be able to see, since Texas is such a big state.  The girls and I have definitely taken the words “Summer Vacation” to heart.  We have been playing hard and doing tons of fun things, and…June is flying by!!!  Pretty soon we’ll take our trip up to Utah at the beginning of August and stay there till school starts.  Yep, a very fun summer indeed!:)  Although it has pretty much been summer weather since April, today is the summer solstice.  So… here’s to summer!

Teara - Your right it does make me want to come ! It seriously looks so fun and the girls couldn’t look any cuter:)

Laura Bunker - I want to go! That looks like so much fun. Beautiful pictures by the way.

colibriphoto - Wow CORI! These are sooooo NICE!!! I love the montage, it’s beautiful and makes me want to have a vacation! Beautifully done!

Camille - So glad you are having a fun summer! Looks magical and fun!

Nichole - I may have already said this before, but I envy your girls and all the beautiful pictures they will have of themselves as kids. These are so awesome!

jen gagliardi - cute girls and such sweet pics!

Jolynne - These pics are beautiful! Your girls are so cute and sweet! I love the tender moments you capture of them.

Anne Elisabeth - Such fun photos!

Sarah Severson - Gorgeous pictures!!

s h e r r y - :) That second photo (that is also your header?) is PRECIOUS. Wowee.

Jillyn - I love how sweet your girls are with each other. And that looks so fun! Love all the pics!!!

Kara May - Love this post! Summer will be great – I love your attitude ;-). These pictures are fantastic…. now I wanna go to the beach ;-) I’ll have to settle for the lake. Have a great rest of the summer and keep posting.

Torie - Cor- Beautiful as always. Love your pictures and love your cute girls. They are getting so big.

SHARON - These picture are awesome – the girls look so cute in their new swimsuits and are having such a good time – wish we were at the beach!!

brooke - These are to die for Cori!! How precious and the post below?! SIGHHHH…..

Audrey Litfin - These captures are all so so cute, love every last stinkin’ one. :)

Happy Father’s Day

I was blessed to have such an amazing dad and my girls are as well.  Hope all you father’s have a Happy Father’s Day!!!

Laura Bunker - What an awesome picture. I love it. Your girls do have an amazing Dad. . . Happy Father’s Day Mark.

Colibriphoto - That is beautiful Cori. Gorgeous family!

Teara - So sweet!

Camille - What a darling pic! Happy Father’s day to Mark!

Kristin Nicole - These are so cute…love the retro feel of the photos.

What I’m going to be posting a lot of…

Beach pictures!  That’s the advantage of having the beach so close to where you live.  I’ve never had that before and I think I like it:)

I had requests to see her swimsuit so I’m adding a couple more pics:)  It is rather adorable!!!

Jolynne - So cute I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics of your girls! I had so much fun with you! Can’t wait to go again!

Benita - Oh she is so cute! love this picture. and hat. and swimsuit.

Tracy - Adorable. Love those little sunshine freckles thought the hat.

Teara - Darling! I’m glad you had fun at the beach:)I cant wait to see the rest of the pics.

Laura Bunker - What an adorable swimsuit. I love it. Plus, what a cute little girl. Beautiful.

Heather - B, you forgot to say and shoes. I love it.

Holly - She is so adorable. I can’t wait to see her little sister :)

Jen Stafford - Oh man! I’m so jealous! These are so darn cute :) LOVE that swimsuit :)

s h e r r y - :) I’m so jealous! I want to photograph on beaches all day long.

Its summer…

so we’ve been playing hard.  We’ve been going swimming, splash pads, aquariums, movies, and many other fun Houston diversions:)  Not to mention mini moving to Houston.  So I’m tired, the kids are tired, and I think I’m already ready for school to start:)  I thought she was asleep, but she’s really just pretending.  It would have been surprising since she hasn’t napped since she was 18 months old (unless she’s sick).

Laura Bunker - Beautiful little Brielle. She is adorable. Love to see her cute face.

Jen Stafford - Wow, she’s a good “faker!” We have one of those at our house too. LOL! I love these beautiful, dreamy images of her. She’s a cutie!

Nova - Welcome to Houston!! Have you been to the Children’s museum of Moody Gardens? You MUST go to Old Towne Spring! The photo ops are awesome!!! So many fun places to go. Try eating at Amazon Grill and Tom’s T-bone in Kemah.

Teara - Awwww she’s so cute!

Colibriphoto - So nice Cori! What a cute little girl !

Lina - Those are beautiful! Love the light and emotion, so fun!