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I love images of mothers with their children.

Heather Elizabeth - I love all of these. I would love to have pictures like this w/ my babies. Beautiful!

Brynna Horrocks - I have been anticipating this post. That IS juicy lighting isn’t it? I think they are just precious. I love how candid and casual they are. Good job.

Jolynne - I love it! I love the new blog look too! Beautiful Pics!

Camille - I love mother shots! Great job!

Junie S Bruson - Wow, Cori your work never ceases to amaze me.

Laura Bunker - What a beautiful Mom. . . love her and the kids.

Lina - Such sweet captures, beautiful!

Teara - Mommy shots are the best! I love the yellow and white.


Lucy’s mom put everything together. She’s did such a good job! I wish I could have her come and style every shoot. These images are edited different than usual, because she requested a more vintage look.

Laura Bunker - Love the vintage tea party theme. How amazing. The props, the baby, the photographer, – perfect.

Junie S Bruson - What a cutie pie!

Jillyn Egan - LOVE!

Brynna Horrocks - Oh Cori, you never disappoint! I am in love. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!

Tami - Darling little girl! I love how she set it up, so cute!

Anne Elisabeth - Sweet photo session!

Kristen McClellan - WOW! Love them. The family ones turned out beautiful. The Tea Party…amazing!! Lucy is the cutest baby ever, Cori’s talent is unmatched.

Kristen McClellan - WOW…Love them! The family ones turned out beautiful. The Tea Party…Amazing! Lucy is the cutest baby ever, Cori’s talent is unmatched.

Teara - I love these! Everything looks so cute. Great job as always:)

Lina - WOW, those are incredible! Parents must be over the moon, great great work!


Laura Bunker - I love this family. I remember when you posted these guys last year. They are beautiful people. . . . that’s for sure.

Kristen McClellan - Love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em!! Love you too…you are amazing!

Jillyn - I recognize these people… Great job Cori!

Torie - Such a beautiful family. You are amazing.

I hope your trip to Utah was fun and the girls liked swimming lessons :) I was hoping I would run into you like last year.
Love ya…

Junie S Bruson - Beautiful pictures. I love your work!

Brynna Horrocks - I love the apples, what a cute prop they turned out to be. Great job!

Teara - Beautiful family! I love the location and the colors. Perfect!!


Teara - Love these!

Jillyn - I’m loving all that you have done!

Laura Bunker - What a cute family! I love the kids little chubby cheeks. Love the location.

Kristen McClellan - Beautiful!

Junie S Bruson - So cute! Wonderful images. . . . .Awwwwww

brynna horrocks - I love the location and the wheat grass. Cute little family.

school time

We celebrated going back to school by heading to the cupcakery in Houston. They have some delicious cupcakes!!!

It has been a crazy week. We got home from Utah on Friday and school started Monday. Brielle is now in 2nd grade!!!  Am I really old enough to have a child that old?  I guess so because I turn 29 tomorrow!

I feel a little weird not having Sierra home with me all day, or at least half the day. They have all day kindergarten here in Texas. I’m sure its good for her, (she has been loving it), but I sure miss her:) Its a long 7 hour day at school and I’m home all by myself.

Laura Bunker - That is seriously the cutest little cupcake shop. I love the colors. Plus, can your girls be any cuter. I miss those two little cupcakes. Hope you have an awesome birthday today.

Tami - oh man that place is adorable! I would take pictures all the time if I were you!!! SO cute!

Camille - Your girls are darling! Brielle gave me such a big squeeze last week – just made my day! Do your girls wear uniforms? Looks like what my kids wear to school, same colors and all. Happy Birthday! Hope it is a super one and you get pampered to your hearts delight!

Teara - I love the pink and black! Great pics!

Kristen McClellan - Ahhh, your girlies are so cute! What a good mom you are…cupcakes…yay! =)

Junie S Bruson - Cute kids. . . and that shop . . . to die for.

brynna horrocks - Your girls are darling! The cupcake shop is darling too.


Love this family!  Taft was just trying to get away from me the whole time – typical 1 year old:)

Laura Bunker - Okay, that little boy is the cutest little thing ever! I love all the expressions that he has. What an adorable little guy! Plus, the pictures are awesome.

Colibriphoto - Just beautiful Cori! Your work is Fab! :)

Teara - I love all his little expressions:) Great job!

Kristen McClellan - So cute. Taft is darling!

Junie S Bruson - What a cute little guy. I love the light.

brynna horrocks - Taft is quite the character isn’t he? Super cute pictures.


I’m back!  It was a fun trip to Utah. I have so much editing and blogging to do!!!  I had to start by blogging this gorgeous senior girl.  I have discovered that I LOVE photographing seniors.

Tanzyn - These are stunning!!

Laura Bunker - She is so gorgeous! I love every picture. But, I especially love her ballet outfits. Love all the poses. Plus, your awesome photography is to die for as always.

Jolynne - Cori, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Tracy - Awesome!! I can’t wait to shoot a ballerina!! I love seeing locations I’m familiar with because we all see things so differently. Great work Cori!

Sarah Severson - Georgeous!!!

Valerie - Wow Cori!!! Amazing pictures! I love love the one with her dress à la Marylin Monroe! :) Gorgeous work as always xx

Kara May - WOW!!!! What a stunning girl! And those ballet pictures….swoon. Awesome work :)

Jillyn - Love every single one. Especially the ones in white in the field. Can’t wait to see what else you did.

Kristen McClellan - WOW Cori!! WOW Katie!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful girl! Katie, will you please take me shopping? =) LoVe your outfits!

Jen Stafford - These are AWESOME! Absolutely beautiful! :)

Teara - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love all of these Cori great job:)

Teara - Gorgeous%2C%20gorgeous%2C%20gorgeous!!%20I%20love%20all%20of%20these%20Cori%20great%20job%3A)

Junie S Bruson - She is beautiful!!!!!