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Love this family!  Taft was just trying to get away from me the whole time – typical 1 year old:)

Laura Bunker - Okay, that little boy is the cutest little thing ever! I love all the expressions that he has. What an adorable little guy! Plus, the pictures are awesome.

Colibriphoto - Just beautiful Cori! Your work is Fab! :)

Teara - I love all his little expressions:) Great job!

Kristen McClellan - So cute. Taft is darling!

Junie S Bruson - What a cute little guy. I love the light.

brynna horrocks - Taft is quite the character isn’t he? Super cute pictures.


I’m back!  It was a fun trip to Utah. I have so much editing and blogging to do!!!  I had to start by blogging this gorgeous senior girl.  I have discovered that I LOVE photographing seniors.

Tanzyn - These are stunning!!

Laura Bunker - She is so gorgeous! I love every picture. But, I especially love her ballet outfits. Love all the poses. Plus, your awesome photography is to die for as always.

Jolynne - Cori, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Tracy - Awesome!! I can’t wait to shoot a ballerina!! I love seeing locations I’m familiar with because we all see things so differently. Great work Cori!

Sarah Severson - Georgeous!!!

Valerie - Wow Cori!!! Amazing pictures! I love love the one with her dress à la Marylin Monroe! :) Gorgeous work as always xx

Kara May - WOW!!!! What a stunning girl! And those ballet pictures….swoon. Awesome work :)

Jillyn - Love every single one. Especially the ones in white in the field. Can’t wait to see what else you did.

Kristen McClellan - WOW Cori!! WOW Katie!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful girl! Katie, will you please take me shopping? =) LoVe your outfits!

Jen Stafford - These are AWESOME! Absolutely beautiful! :)

Teara - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love all of these Cori great job:)

Teara - Gorgeous%2C%20gorgeous%2C%20gorgeous!!%20I%20love%20all%20of%20these%20Cori%20great%20job%3A)

Junie S Bruson - She is beautiful!!!!!

Tayslee and Lola Jayne

Their mom is a good friend of mine. Tayslee was one of my very first newborns.  Jolynne had the cutest things for their photo shoot, I loved all the headbands and her bike!  Its been strange not having a studio to use for newborns as I’m in my temporary space in Houston.  Definitely a learning experience relying on nothing but natural light.  Going to someone’s home and finding the light instead of having them come to me and use my light.  That’s too easy anyway:)  I’ve enjoyed it. Its definitely hot enough in Texas to shoot a newborn outside.  I’ve heard this is the hottest summer on record.  For some reason I’m not surprised that Texas would have its hottest summer while I’m here:)  This might be my last post for a little while.  I’m headed to Utah in a few days and plan to be there for a few weeks.  I planned it that way because if this August is anything like last August I will be happy to miss it.  Its usually even hotter than July.  I’m excited for some crisp Utah air, I might even be able to wear my hair down!  Hope everyone has a good rest of the summer!!!

Torie - Love them Cor. You are amazing…..

Laura Bunker - Love the newborn in the basket. But, I love all of them. Her girls are so darling! You did a tremendous job capturing them . . . but you always do.

mary - The pictures are just beautiful. Mother, daughter-sisters-babyfeet. They capture a moment in time.

Teara - Oh my gosh I love the basket picture! Both beautiful little girls:) Great job!!

Jolynne - I love them so much! Thank you!

Lani - Amazing!!! (as usual!) Love the basket! Love them all! You are so good Cori!