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Loved photographing this session.  I’m not much of a morning person so this was the first time I shot early morning, but the clouds and the lighting was way fun to work with.

Anne Elisabeth - It´s been a while since I was on your blog, but I am loving all the new pictures :)! Especially these are so warm..

Laura Bunker - I love these Cori! The location just rocks. What a gorgeous family.

Jolynne - Oh my, They are all adorable!

Mia - W.O.W! Texas has some way cool locations. Such a cute family and the lighting is awesome!

Jen Stafford - Cori, these are so gorgeous! What a great location. Cute, cute family, too!!

Jillyn - Amazing!

Teara - Love this beach! Such cute shots:)


This is such a cute family.  I LOVED what they were wearing.  I felt so bad that as soon as we got to the location Tayslee tripped and skinned her knee.  Even though she wasn’t super happy we were still able to get some adorable family shots!

Tracy - Cuuuute!!!

Tracy - Cuuuute!!

Nichole - Oooh! Love the location! Super cute.

teara - Great location! I love the her yellow cardigan:)

Jolynne - Love these! Thanks sooooooo much!

Laura Bunker - What cute little girls. Love the dock and everything they are wearing.

Mia - What a darling family! Super super cute location! That baby is sooooo adorable!!,

Happy Halloween!!!


Teara - So darling! Aggy looks thrilled:) I cant get over how cute the girls look!

Sarah Severson - Gorgeous as always!

Laura Bunker - Adorable! Your girls are so cute. And Aggie’s costume. . . wow. Just beautiful.

Brooke Ashley Photography - Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures!! Hope it was a great Halloween for you guys 🙂

Mia - Tooooooooo cute! I love love love haloween!

Jen Stafford - Awww, they look so CUTE! I love their costumes 😉

Chelsea - What gorgeous girls you have! Those are some great pics!


Darling 6 month old boy!  Owl hat by Amy Off The Hook

Brooke Ashley Photography - Cori, these are darling! What a cute baby.. love everything about these. And, love the striped blog background!

Laura Bunker - What a cute little guy. Love his big blue eyes.

Stacey - Cori, these are so cute, Thank You so much for doing them for us! I can’t wait to get them on my wall! You are amazing!

Jen Stafford - These are darling. I love that owl hat! What a cutie 🙂

Chelsea - Oh my gosh! These are SO adorable!! What a darling boy he is and what amazing photography Cori!

Pumpkin Patch

Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  Unfortunately we don’t get much of a fall down here in Texas.  Last October I ended up going back to Utah for a week since I missed it so much!  But this year we’re saying put.  The last couple days have been pretty chilly.  I’m talking about 70 degrees for the high (that’s chilly for us here in Texas), so I feel like mother nature is taking pity on me:)  Yesterday we even had to wear long sleeves!  My girls couldn’t even remember the last time they wore long sleeves!  It was quite exciting:)  Anyway, we went to the pumpkin patch, which is something I’ve been doing with them since they were tiny.

Laura Bunker - Beautiful. Love the pumpkin patch. Your girls are so cute.


Jen Stafford - Aw, how fun!

Torie - So fun. I love the pumpkin patch. That was so fun running into you last year 🙂
Your girls are darling as always.

Teara - Awww It makes me wish you guys were here

Camille - So darling… and looks like fun too!

Lina - Family times, love!

A few more fave’s

Sorry for the lack of posting.  We’ve got a lot going on.  We’re going to be moving AGAIN within the next couple months.  Yes I know this has got to be some kind of record.  3 times within a year and a half.  I’m normally a planner so this has been hard for me because we don’t have a set location yet.  Meaning we haven’t even started looking at houses because we’re still making some decisions.    We’re 99.9% sure it will be Houston, but the question is the North part or South the part.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have a straight answer this weekend so I can start getting things in order.

Anyway, here are some more images of the lovely Whitney, since there were so many gorgeous ones from her session that I have to post.

Nichole - Wow! More moving?! Love these pictures!

Laura Bunker - Oh, I’m glad you posted more. These are breathtaking. I love her eyes in the blue dress. My favorite is the one where she is laying down. I love the light.

mia - I love pics with kids and their pups! So endearing!! Don’t move further away!!!! You’re going the wrong direction!

Jen Stafford - Wow. These are so gorgeous. The light is beautiful, and the images are just dreamy! What a beauty, too 🙂

Teara - You seriously got the best shots! Love all of them:)

Lina - Gorgeous! I am always in awe with your captures, emotions in images, and flawless color. Stunning!


Isn’t she beautiful?  I had so much fun shooting these.  Her eyes are so gorgeous and she is such a natural in front of the camera.

Laura Bunker - What an absolutely gorgeous shoot. She is beautiful. Love these.

Jen Taylor - How amazingly beautiful. Love it.

Valérie - Beautiful Cori! I love those! Especially your yellow tones! Well done again friend 😉

teara - She is just beautiful!! I love everything about these:)

Brooke Ashley Photography - Cori, these are GORGEOUS. I love the simplicity and beauty of it all. She is stunning and you did a beautiful job!

Camille - These are darling! Great job!

Jillyn Egan - Oh my beautiful! Love…

Sarah Severson - gorgeous!!