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I had so much fun shooting this session.  This is Emily’s family of Emme B Photography.  Its always nerve racking to shoot another photographers family pictures.  These kids are so well behaved! I shot this entire session with my 70-200mm lens.  Its been a while since I used it, and I fell in love with it all over again.

laura bunker - Beautiful family! Love the location! Awesome.

Megan - Emily, you must LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror. And congratulations on having well-behaved kids! That’s a good contrast for Cori…Martins to Brenners. Nice.

Jen Stafford - These are just gorgeous! The light is absolute perfection. I would have these all printed gigantic and hanging all over my house. I love them all.

Jillyn - Such beautiful pictures Cori.

Tami - Such sweet pictures and GORGEOUS edits! Love them!!

em - Love them! Love your edits! Thanks, Cori!

Camille - Love the light, edits, location, composite… everything! These are just beautiful!

Teara - I just love the locations you’ve been shooting at! Way cute family:)


Such a cute family!  Its kind of starting to look like fall here in Texas!  I think maybe one tree has changed colors so far:)

laura bunker - These are absolutely beautiful. I love the pond and the settings. What a gorgeous family.

Lauren - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Valerie - Very nice Cori again! Wow! Is it truly just starting to look like fall where you are? It’s WINTER over here!!! Pfffff! Nice images! 🙂

Sarah S - what a great location!! beautiful pictures.

Jillyn - I love the face on the little boy in the last shot. Very pretty my dear.

Jillyn - P.S. I’m in love with your dress in your family pics. Where oh where did you find such a beaut???

teara - I love the pond. Great candid family shots! I love the one of the boys “battling” so cute!

pierre - great session !!

Camille - What a darling family and beautiful setting! Gorgeous!

Jen Stafford - Lovely location, and beautiful little family. Great job! These are just so fun.


Its been a long time since we had our family pictures done.  I was putting together a book of our family this year and realized that there were hardly any pictures of me on my hard drive.  Maybe one for the whole year.  So I decided that it couldn’t wait.  As much as I hate to be in front of the camera I knew I would regret it in the future if I didn’t get some pictures of me with my family.  Thanks to Emme B Photography for photographing us!!!  She did such a good job!

Megan - SO beautiful!!

KELLY - Sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL Cori!!!! I love these so much!

Camille - I love them all Cori! Beautiful!

Mary Haymond - You are such a beautiful family!

Misty - You have a beautiful family, these are gorgeous!

Sarah S - Gorgeous Cori!!

Tami - Oh my gosh Cori these are absolutely gorgeous! You are so freaking hot friend! Love them!!!

laura bunker - You guys are all so cute. I love them. Your family is beautiful!

Jolynne - Love.every.single.one!

Torie - You are beautiful. Love your cute little family.

teara - I didnt realize there was some I missed seeing:) You look beautiful! I love all of them.

Jen Stafford - Aw, your family is darling! I love these fun images 🙂 So, so cute!!


Teara - Love,Love, Love! Great location and I love what they’re wearing.

Laura Bunker - This is a seriously gorgeous family. I love the sock shot.

the mom - I can’t stop looking that them! They are so beautiful! After being a part of that shoot, I am in awe. I went home thinking, “We aren’t going to have a single one…the boys were so crazy!” I LOVE THEM!!!

Jen Tayhlor - Gorgeous family and images. Cori, I just die when I see what you can capture. Love your work so much. Mua!

Jillyn Egan - I love how natural your pictures are. And that sock shot…so cute!

Valerie - Love these Cori! And your new treatment! Superbe!

Melynda Bruner - Love these too girl! The family ones are perfect 🙂

Chelsea - What beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

em - megan is a BABE!

Camille - I love the lifestyle look of these images! THey will surely treasure them forever! Amazing!


I took these a while ago, but I thought it would be appropriate to post them now, right before Thanksgiving.  I’m so thankful for this world we live in, and all the beautiful things in it for us to enjoy.

Laura Bunker - Pretty. . . . . .Would love to hang some of these on my wall.

Teara - Gorgeous! Im with Laura you should print some

Jen Stafford - These are so pretty. I’m thankful for this beautiful world, too.

Melynda Bruner - these are beautiful Cori 🙂


Loved photographing this session.  I’m not much of a morning person so this was the first time I shot early morning, but the clouds and the lighting was way fun to work with.

Anne Elisabeth - It´s been a while since I was on your blog, but I am loving all the new pictures :)! Especially these are so warm..

Laura Bunker - I love these Cori! The location just rocks. What a gorgeous family.

Jolynne - Oh my, They are all adorable!

Mia - W.O.W! Texas has some way cool locations. Such a cute family and the lighting is awesome!

Jen Stafford - Cori, these are so gorgeous! What a great location. Cute, cute family, too!!

Jillyn - Amazing!

Teara - Love this beach! Such cute shots:)