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This little two year old has so much personality:)  Not to mention that she absolutely adorable!


Jolynne - Love her outfit! She’s a cutie!

Julia C - I love them! Thanks again for taking them!

Laura Bunker - Love her outfits and the backdrops! So cute.

My baby turned 1!

Myla turned 1 about a month ago, and I am just barely blogging her pictures.  If you follow me on facebook or instagram then you’ve probably already seen a few of these already:)

I love this little girl so much, so many fun expressions, because she is full of personality.  She has been such a joy to have in our family.


Laura Bunker - I love Myla! She’s so adorable. Love these cute pics.

Aubree Rose

Such a precious baby girl.  She  made me want to have another baby:)  She was so calm, even when she was awake.  Her mom always brings the cutest stuff!


Laura Bunker - I can’t believe all of the open eye’d shots you got of her. Wow, what an alert little cutie pie. Love these.