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Sadie & Dillon

My beautiful niece got married! I had so much fun shooting her wedding with my sister Laura.

Congrats Sadie and Dillon!!!

Sadie and Dillon_0220

Sadie and Dillon_0011

SD-6Sadie and Dillon_0085

Sadie and Dillon_0102Sadie and Dillon_0142Sadie and Dillon_0240Sadie and Dillon_0420Sadie and Dillon_0433Sadie and Dillon_0400Sadie and Dillon_0394bsd1Sadie and Dillon_0482Sadie and Dillon_0494
Sadie and Dillon_0496
Sadie and Dillon_0515
SD2Sadie and Dillon_0599b
Sadie and Dillon_0737

Sadie and Dillon_0829
Sadie and Dillon_0846
Sadie and Dillon_0861

Sadie and Dillon_0883
SD4Sadie and Dillon_0906bSadie and Dillon_1120Sadie and Dillon_1141Sadie and Dillon_1184Sadie and Dillon_0947Sadie and Dillon_0931SD6Sadie and Dillon_0935Sadie and Dillon_0963Sadie and Dillon_0977SD-8Sadie and Dillon_1264Sadie and Dillon_1269Sadie and Dillon_1307SD-7

Teara - I couldn’t love these more! Thank you

Brenda Melkonian - I would love to order some prints from you

Sadie - I’m obsessed with these!!

Laura bunker - lovely Cori!!! Beautiful day, beautiful subjects, and a beautiful photographer!