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This little guy was about 7 weeks old when he came into the studio, so I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get any newborn shots.  But he was such a good baby and slept like a newborn:)  How adorable are his little puckered lips?!  So cute!

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Laura Bunker - Love these! You are absolutely the best newborn photographer. Just breathtaking.


Raymond.  He’s such an adorable baby boy.  I loved photographing him!  And I just realized it has been a long time since a baby boy has been posted on my blog!Raymond1Raymond2Raymond4Raymond3Raymond10Raymond7Raymond6Raymond11Raymond12Raymond8Raymond9

Paula Rayme - My God, he is so handsome. Way to go Lauren.

Laura Bunker - Sweetest little thing. You captured him beautifully.


We spent the last month before school started in Utah.  We had so much fun and we were all so sad for our trip to come to an end.  My amazing sister Laura did our family pictures while we were there and I don’t think we could’ve found a more beautiful spot.  I’ll just post one for now:)mypic1

Laura Bunker - Miss these girls faces. So adorable.

Jolynne - Gorgeous!!


This little two year old has so much personality:)  Not to mention that she absolutely adorable!


Jolynne - Love her outfit! She’s a cutie!

Julia C - I love them! Thanks again for taking them!

Laura Bunker - Love her outfits and the backdrops! So cute.