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We spent the last month before school started in Utah.  We had so much fun and we were all so sad for our trip to come to an end.  My amazing sister Laura did our family pictures while we were there and I don’t think we could’ve found a more beautiful spot.  I’ll just post one for now:)mypic1

Laura Bunker - Miss these girls faces. So adorable.

Jolynne - Gorgeous!!


This little two year old has so much personality:)  Not to mention that she absolutely adorable!


Jolynne - Love her outfit! She’s a cutie!

Julia C - I love them! Thanks again for taking them!

Laura Bunker - Love her outfits and the backdrops! So cute.

My baby turned 1!

Myla turned 1 about a month ago, and I am just barely blogging her pictures.  If you follow me on facebook or instagram then you’ve probably already seen a few of these already:)

I love this little girl so much, so many fun expressions, because she is full of personality.  She has been such a joy to have in our family.


Laura Bunker - I love Myla! She’s so adorable. Love these cute pics.