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Myla Mae Henderson

I’ve been meaning to blog her pictures forever, but since I keep taking them…I wait till I have the chance to edit them.  It took me a couple weeks to do all her pictures.  I just didn’t have the energy to do it all at once (photogs who do their own newborn pics in one day are amazing, I don’t know how they do it).

She was 9 days overdue but her size tells me that she was more like 2 weeks overdue, but I love a chubby baby so it was all right with me:)

She was born on May 31, 2013.  8 lbs 7 oz and 21″ long.

We’re all completely smitten with her and so excited she’s finally here!

Laura Bunker - She is the most adorable, squishable, gorgeous baby I have ever seen. I just love her.

Mark - I like this baby. I’ll keep her. Nice pics!

Teara - She is just adorable !! I’m dying to hold her:)

Jolynne - These are all so beautiful! Cori I can’t wait to see her! Your talent and your beautiful baby= priceless pics!

jillyn - Holy moly she is beyond adorable. And these are beyond amazing. Congrats! I’m so happy for you! Now stop making me baby hungry!!!

New Studio

Well, we’ve been living here for 4 months (or is it 5?) and we’re (meaning mostly just my husband:), just barely getting my studio set up.  He’s been working so hard for me, and I know I could never do it on my own.  I also realized that Sierra turned 7 back in January and I had never done any birthday pictures of her.  I was still just too sick.  I don’t think she minded that fact, but its been bugging me.  So I pulled her out to the new semi finished studio and took just a few pics.  The shorter for her the better:)  Photographing my own kids is my biggest challenge, as I’m sure many other photographers feel the same way.


Laura Bnker - I love it. Sierra’s hair is so long. Beautiful backdrop too.

Happy Easter

I know I’m a day late.  I wonder if anyone even looks at blogs anymore?:)

These two are so excited to be big sisters again:)  and yes Brielle poses like that all by herself, its all I can do to not have her pose.  Did I mention that we moved into our new home in Houston back in November?  I’ve been so absent I can hardly remember!  This pregnancy has been rough on me, and my brain only seems to be functioning partially:)  Pregnancy brain is real!

Both girls have had birthdays recently and are just growing up way too fast.  Thank goodness we have another girl on the way or I’d be feeling really sad about it!

Here’s a few iPhone instagram pics of what’s been going on lately: (sorry if you follow me on Instagram, because you’ve probably already seen these…)

Jen Stafford - LOVE these images. Your daughters are so cute. Looks like fun times at your house. 🙂 And your iPhone pictures rock!

Ann Mitchell - LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Laura Bunker - Love all these pictures! You guys have been busy at having a good time. Love it!

Jolynne - Even your iphotos are amazing! Your girls are pro’s at posing! I love it!


I haven’t blogged in forever.  I think everyone is on Facebook so that seems to be where I post the most.  Also I just haven’t been shooting a whole lot because of how sick I’ve been with my pregnancy.  I’m excited to get back into the action again and do what I love.

I am obsessed with pictures of babies with their mothers.  I have so many adorable pictures of Grayson (I’ve posted several on Facebook so head on over there to see more), but this blog post is going to be about him and his mother:)

And one with both parents:)

Laura Bunker - I miss your posts so much. I love this cute little squishy guy. Love that you can do outdoor pictures. Jealose for sure!

Laura Bunker - I miss your beautiful posts. They always make me happy. What a gorgeous squishy little guy.

brooke - I am so sorry you’ve been sick Cori! But, these pictures are gorgeous! Love the baby’s expressions… beautiful!


Another beautiful baby girl…

Laura Bunker - Gorgeous little newborn girl. She is so sweet and I love her puffy little lips. Adorable.

Krisann Stegall - The most beautiful great niece EVER!!

Kay Martin - That is absolutely the sweetest picture I have ever seen!!

laura bunker - What a beautiful baby girl! Love each and every picture.