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Another beautiful baby girl…

Laura Bunker - Gorgeous little newborn girl. She is so sweet and I love her puffy little lips. Adorable.

Krisann Stegall - The most beautiful great niece EVER!!

Kay Martin - That is absolutely the sweetest picture I have ever seen!!

laura bunker - What a beautiful baby girl! Love each and every picture.


Well, August is over and if you live in Texas that’s a good thing (at least it is to me:). My favorite season is just around the corner.
Little Charlotte is just too precious. I had so much fun photographing her!

Teara - Oh my gosh her little expressions are so cute! I love your newborn shoots:) You always get the best shots.

Laura Bunker - Gorgeous little baby. I love all of her expressions.


Isn’t he just sweet.  I loved all his thick dark hair.  So many precious baby boys lately!

Laura Bunker - What a beautiful little boy. I love all of his thick dark hair. He looks so sweet. I want to hold him.

Teara - What a cutie!

Vicky Garcia - Que bonitas fotos, tan chiquito y ya esta posando mi Bebito, ya lo quiero agarrar y abrazar Para darle muchos besos. A Mundito chiquito.

Mundo Garcia - Que chulo mi nieto Los quiero mucho


He was just too adorable. I loved all the fun props they brought!!!

Teara - Oh my gosh I am dying! He is so adorable and I love the name Grayson. What a fun photo shoot 🙂 You always do such amazing newborns shots.

laura - Adorable! Your the best at newborns.